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Fill the field with your name and your e-mail address for downloading a free content.
Then click “Download” button and check your e-mail for free content.
If you haven’t got e-mail with download link simply check your junk/spam folders.

After purchase.

After purchase, your download link will be sent to your email address with the subject “Your order is complete – download your files”. You may also need to check your spam/junk folders depending on your email service provider. All our downloadable packs come in the Rar or Zip format. Use the evaluation versions of Keka or Winrar, to unpack the files.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

DAW Templates currently accepts Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay and PayPal. Please note that we accept international credit cards.

DAW Templates Safe Shopping Guarantee

The DAW Templates Safe Shopping Guarantee protects you while you shop at, so that you never have to worry about credit card safety. We guarantee that every transaction you make at DAW-Templates.comn will be safe. This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping at DAW Templates.

How do I contact DAW Template Customer Services?

Contacting DAW Templates  Customer Services is very simple:
You can use the form in the Contact Us section on the website.

Problems with download?

You can not download the Template or Samples Pack ? Please try downloading the Template or Samples Pack from your account go to My Account  if you have problems with download, or write us e-mail we create for you another download link Contact Us

How you can use our Templates

1. If you’re going to use our templates with original melodies, you can:
  •  use our templates as the basement for practice and mixing
  •  use samples, presets from our templates for your future commercial productions.
  •  play tracks from templates at home/for friends/at clubs.
2. If you’re going to use our templates with modified main melodies*, you can:
  • use templates as the starting point for your own commercial productions and release them on a record labels.
  • use as the music tracks for advertisement on radio and TV.
  • use as the music tracks in trailers, games, apps, movies etc.

* You can keep all the samples, drum patterns, template structure, effects, presets, processing, etc.

3. You can’t use our templates for:
  • sharing and re-selling the projects (or the parts of the projects).
  • use the projects (or the parts of the projects) for creating commercial templates/sample packs.
4. You can’t use all vocal parts from our templates in your own productions.

How to open templates with new version of Reveal-Sound Spire (from v. 1.1.3 and above)

Due to the fact that the new version of Reveal-sound Spire synth is still installing as a different plugin (no matter what AU or VST) you will need to update all your projects with old Spire version manually. See how to do this :

1. Go to and download v. 1.1.3 of Spire and then go to and download old version of Spire (1.0.20)

2. Open the project with old version of Spire

3. Find the instrumental tracks with Spire synth in your project and replace old ver. by new by clicking on instrument name in the inspector area and choosing Spire 1.1 from AU instruments list.

4. In new version of Spire click on MENU button and choose “Load Preset”

5. Go to the folder with the current project and find “Spire presets” folder and load a relevant Spire preset.

6. Do this for all the tracks with old Spire in your project
* Please note that you can replace Spire version no only in Logic but in other DAWs too

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